5 Backend Development Frameworks You Should Be Aware Of This Year

If this is your first time working directly with a backend developer team, you must educate yourself a little about the entire process and the various platforms that are available to you. All of them are going to have their advantages and disadvantages. Some of them might prove to be a lot more time-consuming than others while a few of them will have features that you have always wanted. The following section talks a little about them so that you have more clarity as to which path to take.

  1. Think About Django

Let’s begin with one of the most popular platforms for Python developers. Django is very famous because it is based on the “don’t repeat yourself” principle. When you are looking for a more efficient code that can be reused, Django is something that you should go for. It enhances the development speed immensely. It is also a highly secure framework that a lot of developers today are going for. Django is also very user-friendly and it is easy to learn.

  1. Js Is In

Do you know why so many people prefer Express.js for JavaScript? It is undoubtedly the most popular and result-oriented programming language in the world. The backend development community prefers this framework because of its minimalistic approach. You can develop highly efficient applications using this framework. In fact, this language gives you full-stack development with ease.

  1. Do Not Forget Asp.Net

Asp.Net has a successor. It is the Asp.Net Core. This is a fantastic open-source framework that is platform-independent. It can be used to build top-of-the-line web applications. Regarded as one of the most efficient and best-performing backend frameworks, when you are looking to hire backend developers, you must talk to them about it.

  1. What About Ruby On Rails?

If you are looking for a server-side framework, this is perfect for you. It is based on MVC architecture. The best part about this framework is that it is high user- friendly and ideal for beginners. So if you have any new trainees or probably of brand new or relatively inexperienced IT team in your company, Ruby On Rails is a great option. Most experts like to debate its advantages and disadvantages for the simple reason that it claims to be one of the easiest frameworks. It is still preferred by thousands of developers throughout the world for being so user-friendly.

  1. Cake PHP Tastes Good

The cake tastes good and Cake PHP works good. This is also another PHP framework that is highly popular these days. The biggest reason is that the concepts of this framework are based on Ruby On Rails. It also follows the MVC architecture and offers several features like model-view-controller, active record, data mapping, and many more.


There should be no confusion as to which platform you want to choose for your app development processes. There are numerous options that you can pick. All of them are going to offer some merits and demerits. Some of them are definitely going to be a clearer choice. Which platform do you want to pick?


  • Backend frameworks are libraries of server-side programming languages that help build the backend structure of a website. Backend frameworks provide ready-made components for developing a dynamic web application.
  • ASP.NET.
  • Django.
  • Express.
  • Ruby on Rails.
  • Laravel.
  • Golang.

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