3 Best Image To Text Converter Apps For Android

Today, we have an app for everything, and OCR (image-to-text) isn’t any different. In this article, we’ll help you find the best apps you can use to convert your images to text. So, let’s dive right into it.

What Is An Image To Text Converter?

An image-to-text converter is an online tool that converts images into textual content. It can be used to convert any type of image into text, such as a logo, picture, or even a drawing. Image-to-text converters are mostly used by students and businesses.

But recently, people with learning disabilities who need help understanding what an image represents also use these images for text converters. Hence, it’s been used by people who need help reading from a screen.

03 Best Image To Text Converter Apps For Android

In this section, we’ve picked the three best image-to-text converters for you. All of these offer intriguing and outstanding options. So, let’s start with the best first.

1. Image To Text Converter by Prepostseo

Prepostseo puts out many great tools, and its image-to-text converter has always been one of their best deals. Therefore, the application version is not so different and offers an exciting array of options and methods. First off, it’s very easy and simple to use.

image to text
image to text

The app allows you to scan your mobile phone for images and then turn them into text as you like. On top of that, it also offers a few key features, such as:

  • Capturing images and cropping them;
  • Scanning directly from a document, screen, etc.;
  • History to use extracted text again;
  • Directly share your extracted text via email or messaging;
  • Listen to the extracted text by text to speech.

These factors don’t only make it great, but also something viable and dependable for students and businesses alike. That’s why it’s one of the best platforms when it comes to converting photo to text. So, this is our first choice, and it should be yours too.

2. Text Scanner by Evolly App

Text Scanner by Evol. app is another great option for people on a strict time frame. This remarkable tool allows you to scan your images and convert them into text quite efficiently and quickly. Besides that, it features a simple UI design, as seen here:

scanned to text
scanned to text

But why is this tool placed second on our list? What else does it have to offer? There are plenty of other key features, such as:

  • Highly accurate OCR that detects even handwritten text;
  • Supports over 100 languages, so converting images from any language shouldn’t be an issue;
  • Directly scan any document or paper by placing your phone above it;
  • Scan multiple images at a time.

These factors make it one of the leading picks on this list. While there’s certainly room for improvement on this app, there are key aspects within it that make it a viable second option on this list.

3. Image To Text By Inverse.ai

Inverse.ai’s image-to-text converter is another viable option to help you convert your documents and PDFS into editable text. This app itself is pretty simple and doesn’t have any flashy or unwanted design that you might find difficult to use.

scan single image
scan single image

Besides that, it’s chockfull of great features that make it a viable entry on this list. These features include:

  • Ability to scan in over 60 languages;
  • Edit any sort of detected text directly before saving;
  • Scan multiple images, PDFs, or scanned documents;
  • Easy browsing or capture of any image that you wish to scan.

These factors make it another viable option for you. Once again, the application definitely has room for improvement. However, it’s a good option for those who are looking for a quick and easy solution.


These are some of the best applications that any android user can employ today to convert their images into text. While all of these apps are great, our pick is still the first one. Therefore, use it to help you convert your images more thoroughly.