Best 5 GarageBand Alternatives for Windows (10/7/8)

GarageBand is a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) application used for music production. It comes with a large music library that includes drum tracks, wind instruments, guitar amps, and piano sounds. All of these can be used with the MIDI keyboard interface. GarageBand comes with rich EQ and mixes options which let you polish your tracks before exporting. It also has an in-built music teacher that comes with 40 piano and guitar lessons for completely free. Apart from this, GarageBand has lots and lots of features, but the only drawback is, GarageBand is only available for iOS and Mac and you can’t use this on the Windows platform. Many people are wanted to enjoy GarageBand features on their Windows PC. So, here we provide some alternatives to GarageBand for Windows, which come with the same features and great potential. Then you can also check GameCube emulator for android
GarageBand Alternatives for Windows
GarageBand Alternatives for Windows  

Best GarageBand Alternatives for Windows:

LMMS (Let’s Make Music).
FL Studio.
Ableton Live.

1. LMMS (Let’s Make Music):

LMMS is formerly known as Linux MultiMedia Studio), which allows you to produce music within your PC. It can connect any MIDI devices and let you perform live music. LMMS has a user-friendly and modern interface and it is completely free software. It supports SoundFont and bundled with content from a suite of tool and effect plugins, presets, and models to VST. This software has a clean design and is not too complicated to test and produce beats. It also allows you to map your computer keyboard to the notes on the instrument and take advantage of its visual mapping.


  • Demo project to easily get started.
  • Note playback via MIDI or typing Keyboard.
  • Built-in rich audio plugins.
  • Built-in synthesizers.
  • Ability to add notes into the project without a separate note-taking application.
  • Separate editor for instruments.
  • Support LADSPA plugin.

2. FL Studio:

It is one of the best alternatives to GarageBand and formerly known as FruityLoops. FL Studio is a complete digital audio workstation with a graphical interface based on pattern-based music sequencing. It looks like a professional digital audio workstation comes with many preset layouts with a beautiful and highly customizable user interface. Its piano roll and external MIDI controllers allow you to insert music notes, which can then be edited and played as you want. Like other DAWs, FL Studio supports VSTs, which contain a variety of synthesizers, models and incredibly complex virtual instruments that often sound like a real thing.
FL Studio supports VSTs
FL Studio supports VSTs


  • It previews audio signals as they are recorded.
  • Takes are grouped when recording in looped mode.
  • Uncluttered interface.
  • It has a large pool of in-built plugins.
  • Great automation control.
  • Gives the ability to switch between different arrangements.
  • It brings the maximum number of mixer tracks up to 125.

3. Ableton Live:

Ableton Live is a fast, fun and intuitive way to create music. It is both hardware and software where you can make or compose music as well as arrange a live performance. Ableton live has two working modes to enhance your creativity which is session view and arrangement view. In session view, you can improvise and quickly experiment with musical ideas. On the other hand, the arrangement view is work with audio sequencers, with tracks divided vertically and the timeline to distribute the event. You can also find a collection of instruments and sample libraries.
Ableton Live
Ableton Live


  • It has a powerful built-in synthesizer.
  • It allows you to dial in the bass boom at a certain frequency with the decay control.
  • Editing multiple MIDI clips at once.
  • Dedicated hardware instruments.
  • Lots of live music options.
  • It has 256 mono audio input and output channels.

4. Reaper :

Reaper is another useful multitrack recording and digital audio workstation, which lets you edit, record, process and mixes multiple audio waveforms. Reaper supports a vast range of hardware, digital formats, and plugins and can be comprehensively expanded, scripted and modified. It has a very intuitive and attractive interface which is not only easy to handle but also very practical.  Reaper gives you the ability to insert effects, add a sample or create new tracks for a MIDI instrument. It has built-in support for BCF200, Tranzport, Alpha Track, Fader Port, Baby HUI and MCU.  It allows 60 days trial with full functionality.


  • Support for thousands of third-party plug-in effects and virtual instruments
  • Thorough MIDI hardware and software support
  • Supports multi-channel
  • A vast array of customization options

5. Cubase:

Cubase is another valuable piece of audio editing software, which combines the best audio quality, intuitive handling and a set of highly advanced audio and MIDI tools. It promises professional-grade results by integrating modern features with traditional forms of synthesizers. Cubase offers a lane with an array of buttons for instant edits like volume control. It has a unique drum editor, Arranger track, chord pads, premium VSTs including more than 40 audio effects processor. It is not free, you have to buy premium.


  • It has special tools which allow users to switch between genres within the same screen
  • It has powerful software
  • Support MPE MIDI Standard, for compatibility with various state of art MIDI controller
  • It allows you to move around different genres freely
  • You can create an impressive track irrespective of the preference

Final words:

Now you have known about the best GarageBand alternatives for windows. We have provided all the important information about each specific application. If you are not satisfied with the above-mentioned alternative, you can also try some alternatives for GarageBand for Windows. Some other alternatives are Mixcraft 8, Audiotool, Music Maker Jam, Soundation Studio, Ardour, Adobe Audition, Bitwig Studio, Stagelight, Audacity, Acid pro, Reason, BPM Studio, Anvil Studio and etc.

GarageBand Alternatives for Windows:

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