Top 8 Best Internet Booster Apps For Android (2022)

The speed of which you can browse the internet is based on your Wi-Fi connection and mobile data plan, but there are many ways to increase internet speed to enhance your experience and find items faster. One of the ways to increase internet speed is to use an application that boosts your browser’s performance. There are many applications available on the internet to increase your internet experience. Here we have listed out 8 best internet booster applications for android.
Best Internet Booster apps for Android
Best Internet Booster apps for Android

List of best 8 Internet booster applications for Android:

  1. Internet Booster and Optimizer.
  2. Network Signal Booster.
  3. Speedify.
  4. Wi-Fi Booster.
  5. Connection Stabilizer And Booster.
  6. 4G Connection Booster.
  7. Fastest Internet 2X.
  8. Internet Speed Meter Lite.

1. Internet Booster and Optimizer:

This is the most popular and best application for android to increase the speed of the internet. It improves the RAM and clean reserve memory to increase your device’s speed. The application is not complicated and it requires only a few updates to get it started. You don’t need a tutorial to use this app and it will explain all the necessary steps to take in order to use the app. The functions of the Internet Booster and Optimizer app can be vary depending on the android versions as well as the settings. However, it contains ads that may annoy some users. Then You Can Also Check 8 best Bluetooth headsets
Internet Booster and Optimizer
Internet Booster and Optimizer 

Features :

  • It gives you plenty of instructions.
  • Simple interface.
  • It comes with three modes to pick from.
  • It displays a command log.
  • This app supports rooted and unrooted devices.

2. Network Signal Booster:

This app allows you to access media content smoothly on your android by boosting internet speed. Network signal booster allows you to view the present Wi-Fi connection status and it can easily scan your wireless network in any location. Once you installed this app on your android phone, you can enjoy streaming videos without any buffering and the video loads within seconds.
Network Signal Booster.
Network Signal Booster.


  • It automatically tweaks and increases your Wi-Fi signal and speed.
  • This app helps you to search for the best Wi-Fi router and connect to that one which has the best signal strength.
  • It is user-friendly and gives you a simple user interface.

3. Speedify

This app combines Wi-Fi and mobile data to increase the internet speed of your smartphone. Speedify can use more than one internet connection at the same time and divides your internet traffic between them. It is intended and secure for every kind of client. It can be used more than a gadget in the chance to change it. Speedify also acts as a VPN which uses a technology known as channel bonding that helps you to improve the bandwidth of your device.


  • It helps you to test your internet speed
  • You need not worry about the security
  • It has a straightforward interface

4. Wi-Fi Booster:

This is another best free app for boosting Wi-Fi signals within a single click. This app not only enhances your mobile connection but also shows how many android devices have connected in the same connection. Wi-Fi booster helps you to resolve the problems related to DNS servers, overlapping and latency.


  • Available for free.
  • This app automatically fixes your signal, speed and strength problems.
  • It provides you all in one solution for your Wi-Fi queries.
  • It does not contain any pop-up ads.
  • It makes your connection secure and safe.
  • Clears cache memory.

5. Connection Stabilizer and Booster:

This is also one of the best internet booster applications available for android. This app allows you to enjoy a stable connection by modifying the TCP/IP settings. It provides you two options which are Active Reconnect and Active Keep alive. You can ensure a stable internet connection by using Active keep alive option even when it is idle.
Connection Stabilizer And Booster.
Connection Stabilizer And Booster.


  • It is very easy to use
  • And also has very simple user interface
  • This app resets your internet connection and helps you to establish a secure internet connection.
  • It has a force connect feature to support connections in a heavily loaded network.

6. 4G Connection Booster:

It is one of the best internet booster applications for android. This app will assign you a new ISP to enjoy streaming with all websites. 4G Connection Booster app is popularly known as a signal booster that can work with all kinds of networks. It allows you to download any content from the internet with faster download speed than ever before.
4G Connection Booster app
4G Connection Booster app


  • Easy to use
  • It has a very intuitive interface
  • It clears the store and enhances the association
  • You can regulate the association and optimize the cushion release using this.

7. Faster Internet 2X:

Faster Internet 2X is the best internet booster application for users who have a 2G internet connection. It uses special programming scripts to enhance the internet speed of your mobile. It also works on 3G and 4G connections.
Faster Internet 2X
Faster Internet 2X


  • It will increase device broadband radio power to make better live call quality.
  • This app working on rooted as well as non-rooted android mobiles.

8. Internet Speed Meter Lite:

Internet Speed Meter lite is instant tells you about your internet speed. This app will do some unique functions such as it pauses processes running in the background and frees resources from these processes. Web browsers use these freed resources to improve the browsing experience and internet speed.
Internet Speed Meter
Internet Speed Meter


  • This app notifies the real-time internet speed in the status bar.
  • And also give the notification of daily traffic usage.
  • Separate stats for Wi-Fi network and Mobile network.
  • It does not reduce your battery life.

Final words:

In this post, we briefly explained the 8 best internet booster applications for Android mobile.  I hope these apps will help you to enhance your internet experience. Check out the above-mentioned list of apps along with its features and enhance your mobile network or Wi-Fi speed. If the above-mentioned apps don’t meet your needs, you can refer to some other internet booster applications such as Wi-Fi Doctor, Signal Booster 3G 4G, Wi-Fi manager, Wi-Fi Master, Wi-Fi Analyzer and more.

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