Talking Tom for PC Windows (10/7/8) Download

Talking Tom is a well-known gaming application that is funny and hilarious at every point. If you are looking for Talking for PC, then you are at the right place. In this article, we have to see how to download and install Talking Tom for PC. Let us discuss it.
Talking Tom for PC Windows
Talking Tom for PC Windows
Talking Tom is most famous among people, which is developed by OutFit7 Inc. The game will offer you a digital pet which is called Tom; you need to take care of the virtual pet cat from when he is a baby until it turns adulthood. The pet will live within your computer or smartphone or tablet. He will listen to whatever you said around your device. After listening, he will repeat everything in a funny tone. You can play with him and he will do many more fun things. You can feed him, take him to the toilet and allow him to sleep so he can be active when you need him.

About Talking Tom On PC:

Talking Tom will allow you to create your own Tom by choosing from a combination of furs, clothing and more. You need to tap your imagination to create the perfect pet. If you do a good, you can get some rewards like coins. You can use the coins to purchase new outfits, fur colors, and accessories such as shades and cap and make Tom the hottest cat in the town.
Talking Tom

Also, you can use the coins to purchase items for his home to make Talking Tom’s home comfortable. This app lets you engage in various mini-games where you can earn extra points and coins.

Top Features of Talking Tom for PC :

Personalization: The most notable feature of Talking Tom is its perfect personalization with the user’s tastes. From the very beginning, when the game starts, you will find a cute little pet called Tom, you have to feed food to that pet. Every time you play with him, Tom’s size grows.
Graphics and Sound Effects: The graphics and the sound effects of the game are really awesome. Cute little Tom listens to whatever is said around the device and repeats it accordingly. When Tom repeats the words, a seemingly funny tone is created. So it is really fun to watch him talk and have fun around him.
Fun unlimited: You have to feed tom when he is hungry, wash him when he is dirty, put his bed when he is tired and takes him to the toilet. It makes such fun. You watch him grow from a baby to a big happy cat.
Mini-games: There is a number of mini-games are available in the Talking Tom which includes puzzle games, action games, bubble shooters, brick blasts, happy connect and more. You can earn gold coins and enjoy the fun all the way by taking part in these mini-games. With these coins, you can unlock more and more levels as it progresses in the game.
Record and watch videos: While playing, you can record your videos of the interaction between you and tom and watch it whenever you want. And also you can watch videos that have posted by other players.
Travel around the world with Talking Tom: You can collect travel tickets and fly around the world to meet other Toms. Fill your travel album with postcards from the different countries that Tom has visited.

How to download and Install Talking Tom for PC?

Download and install bluestacks emulator on your PC:

To play Talking Tom on your PC, You have to download Bluestacks on your PC. Bluestacks is an android emulator that helps you to run the android application on a PC or laptop. To download Bluestacks emulator, go to the official website of bluestacks on your default web browser. The download link is provided on the home page of the website. Click on the button and it will download and save the setup file bluestacks on your PC’s download directory.
Talking Tom for PC Using Bluestack
Talking Tom for PC Using Bluestack
Once the download gets completed, click on the setup file. It will initiate the installation process of Bluestacks on your PC. Follow the on-screen instructions to properly install the bluestacks emulator. After installation of bluestacks gets complete, launch bluestacks app. And sign in with your Gmail account. Then You Can Also Try Sun Nxt For PC.

Download Talking Tom using Google Play Store:

Google Play Store application is pre-installed on the bluestacks emulator. Open the play store application; you will be able to see a search bar at top of the window. Type the keyword ‘Talking Tom’ in the search bar and press enter. The bluestacks app will then search for the app that matches your keyword and display a list of different results.
Talking Tom for PC using Google Play Store
Talking Tom for PC using Google Play Store
The official Talking Tom app is always appearing at top of the search results. Click on the Talking Tom app and then click on the install button and the installation process get a start. You need to wait for a few moments for the completion of the downloading and installation process of Talking Tom. After it completes, you can now use Talking Tom on your PC without facing any issues with the help of the Bluestacks app.

Download and Install Talking Tom using the APK file:

You can also download Talking tom using the APK file. Go to the web browser and then search for Talking Tom APK file. Go to any trusted website and download the APK file of Talking Tom.
Once the APK file of Talking Tom is downloaded, you can simply install the app by double-clicking on the APK file. Double-clicking on the installation file will initiate the installation process onto the bluestacks application.
Bluestacks will give a notification that indicates the ongoing installation process. After completing the installation process, you will receive a notification from the blue stacks that the Talking Tom has been successfully installed. Now you can start using the app.

Final Words:

This how you can download and install this game on PC. If you are tired of the same old and boring apps that have no interaction, Talking Tom is a great option for you. This app will never let you feel bored. It is so much fun and full of excitement and wonder.

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