How To Clear the Android (9/8/Oreo) System Cache

Is your android device runs slowly with cache files? Do you want to easily and quickly remove the cache file from your device? Then you are in the right place. In this post, we will teach you how to clear the system cache in Android in four different ways.
How To Clear the Android System Cache
How To Clear the Android System Cache

What is Cache?:

Your device uses temporary data stored in cache files to quickly recall the relevant when you open the app. For example, if you visit a website for the first time on the browser, it stores the information from that website in a temporary file. The data stored in the temporary file is called cache. When you visit the same website next time, it will load the data from the cache for quick access. Then You Can Also Check Carrom Pool For PC.

Why you need to clear cache files?

You want to frequently remove the cache file to free up the storage of your device. Clearing cache also helps the installed app on your device to keep running smoothly.  Sometimes, cached files may corrupt or overloaded and can performance issues. So you must clear the cache periodically to eliminate the performance issues of your device.

How to clear system cache on Android phone?

Clear system cache using settings:

You can clear system cache by using the Settings option of your Android phone. This is a very simple task, just follow the below-given instructions.
clear system cache on Android phone
clear system cache on Android phone


  • Turn on your smartphone and go to the settings app.
  • Locate the ‘Storage option’ by scroll down the screen and click on it.
  • In that click on ‘Internal storage Memory’ option, because all of your cached data is stored in the internal memory of the device.
  • Now you can see the details about the composition of the device memory.
  • Also you can see how much memory the data in the cache occupies. 
  • Now click on the ‘cached data’ option.
  • A pop-up message will appear on your screen, which asking you to grant permission to remove the cache data.
  • Click on the ‘Delete’ option to remove it. that’s it
  • Now, cached data of all applications on your phone will be deleted.

Clear cache for a specific app:

Sometimes, you may want to clear cache data of the specific application installed on your phone. If a certain application does not work properly, you have to remove the cached data of the app. And also note, clearing the cache data of a specific app alone will not affect the cache data of the other application. Follow the easy steps mentioned below to clear the cache of a particular app.
Clear cache for a specific app
Clear cache for a specific app


  • Open the ‘Settings’ on your Android phone and click on the ‘Applications’ option.
  • Here all installed apps will be listed out. Now choose the application which you want to clear the cache data. It will show some important details of the app.
  • In the latest android phone, you can see the list of all installed apps in the ‘Apps and Notification’ option.
  • You can see the total space taken by the cache for that particular app. Click on the ‘clear cache’. Then all the cached data of that app will be cleared.

Clear cached data by using third party applications:

There are many applications available on the play store to clear the system cache of your phone. Some of the best applications are Clean Master, CCleaner, Files by Google, SD Maid, Ace Cleaner and etc. These applications will find the unnecessary files and cached files of your Android phone and help you to delete them from your device. In addition to removing data from the cache, they can help you to remove the unused APKs, eliminate advertising debris, improve battery life and many other features.

Clear system cache from recovery mode:

Clearing system cache from recovery mode is an advanced method. We recommend you to use this method if you already have experience in rooting your device. If you don’t have any experience in rooting but you want to use this method means you must thoroughly learn the procedure for your particular device through the internet before proceed with the given steps.
Clearing system cache from recovery mode
Clearing system cache from recovery mode
  • First, switch off your mobile. Then only you will be able to boot your device in the recovery mode.
  • Now, you have to boot your device by pressing the following combination of keys simultaneously. Volume key + Home button + Power button
  • Remember that the key combination varies from device to device depending upon the version and manufacturers of the device. So please ensure your device key combination with the help of the web before booting.
  • During this process, the touch screen may not work so you have to navigate the screen by using Volume keys.
  • Locate the ‘Recovery’ option by scroll down using the volume key. And select that option by pressing the power button.
  • Navigate down until you get the ‘Wipe cache partition’ option and select it by pressing the power button.
  • After the system cache gets cleared, select the ‘Reboot system now’ option. Now your device will be rebooted as usual.

Final words:

Now you have known about the cache file, benefits clearing the cache file and how to clear the cache files on an android phone. Hope this post helpful to you to find the solution for clearing the cache files.

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