Google Pay vs Samsung Pay Which Is Better

Technology has replaced many things in our life including wallets. The mobile payment platform turns your smartphone into the digital wallet which allows you to pay for your purchase without taking out a credit card, debit card or cash. Currently, the most popular mobile payment systems are Google Pay and Samsung Pay. With these mobile payments application, you don’t have to stumble over your wallet or cash because your phone handles the transaction for you. Both Google Pay and Samsung Pay have lots of features, you may be confused about which app to choose from. We are here to clarify your confusion. Read the post till the end to get complete information about Google Pay and Samsung Pay.
Google Pay vs Samsung Pay
Google Pay vs Samsung Pay

Which Is Better Google Pay vs Samsung:

Google Pay is a digital wallet platform and an online payment system, which owned and developed by Google. It is a fast and simple way to pay in millions of places like online, stores and more. With this, you can manage your bank account wherever you want.
Similar to Google Pay, Samsung Pay is also a mobile payment and digital wallet platform which lets you make card payments using a smartphone. This app allows you to upload your debit, credit, loyalty and gift cards and then pay in stores using your phone.

How it works?:

Google Pay uses NFC (Near Field Communication) technology to process payments which are similar to contactless payment. Google Pay allows your android devices to wirelessly communicate with point of sale system by using NFC, HCE (Host-based Card Emulation) and android’s security.
Google Pay uses NFC
Google Pay uses NFC
Samsung Pay uses both NFC and MST (Magnetic Secure Transmission). And it works by creating a magnetic field that reflects the swipe of a bank card on a payment terminal. Samsung Pay also works in a card terminal that does not have a contactless reader or its reader is disabled.

How to set up?:

Google Pay:
To use Google Pay in your smartphone, first, you have to download the app from Google play store. After installation completes, open the app and sign in with your Google Account. Follow the setup instructions to secure the Google Pay account and add your bank account details. Now your bank account will be linked with Google Pay. Now you can use Google pay for all your purchases.
Google Pay
Google Pay

Samsung Pay:

Similar to Google Pay, you have to download the Samsung pay app from the Google Play store. If you have the latest Samsung mobile phone, you need not download Samsung Pay from the Google Play store because it is pre-installed on your device. When you open the app you will first need to agree with terms of service and privacy notice. And click on ‘Add’ and enter your bank card information to add a bank card.
Samsung Pay
Samsung Pay
Depending on your bank, you may need to make a phone call after the initial set up of Samsung Pay. This is to check your bank card information and make sure there is no identity theft.

Where it is accepted?:

Google Pay: You can use Google Pay only on terminals that accept contactless payments over NFC. Google Pay merchants are McDonald’s, Trader Joe’s, Nike and more. It is also accepted in many websites and apps. If you use Google pay on websites and apps on your phone, you don’t need to enter your payment information like card number, pin, CVV, etc. You can pay with Google Pay where you can see Google Pay or Contactless Payment Symbol.
Samsung Pay: You can Samsung Pay on any terminal which accepts credit or debit cards because it uses MST Technology for payment. You do not need ‘Support’ from a retailer to pay for a store using MST. If they accept credit cards, they can access Samsung Pay as well without any additional support.


Google pay is available on most Android smartphones including Samsung devices that have Android 4.4 KitKat or later. You can also use Google Pay on iOS devices. Google Pay is available on more than 130 countries but its features get varies from place to place. Google product purchases are available in all countries where the payment platform is available. In-app purchases and online purchases are available in only 70 countries. On the other hand, in-person transactions are available in only 29 countries and Google Pay send is only available in the US and India. 

Samsung pay is available only on Samsung devices and only certain Samsung devices can use this feature. It is only compatible with Galaxy Note 5, S10 Plus, Galaxy Watch, Galaxy Watch 2, Gear S2, Gear S3, and Gear Sport. Currently, Samsung Pay is available in 25 countries including the US, UK, India, South Korea, Australia and more.


Google Pay uses tokenization technology which hides your card information during transactions, instead, sellers receive encrypted code. Google Pay creates its token within the cloud, so it is very secure. Google pay only needs your phone to be unlocked with pattern, pin, password or fingerprint to make payment.

Samsung Pay security is based on Samsung Knox and ARM TrustZone technologies. You can protect your Samsung pay app with PIN, fingerprints or iris scans to confirm the purchase. Payment is done with a virtual card number and a one-time authentication token, so it is very secure.

Final words:

We had listed out all comparisons between Google Pay and Samsung Pay. Now, you have to choose the best method according to your needs. However, you can use both Google Pay and Samsung Pay if you have a Samsung device but you have to choose your default payment methods.

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