GameCube Emulator for Android (Dolphin Emulator)

GameCube is a video game console released by Nintendo in Japan. This console was highly popular due to its performance, which provides seamless performance when playing high definition games. It also supports online gaming through a modem. The GameCube gaming console was discontinued, but still, you can enjoy gaming experience on some devices you own like smartphones, computers or laptops with the help of the GameCube Emulator. Every GameCube game is available in a compressed processing format called ISO. The android platform does not support ISO file since it is compatible with the only APK file format. To play GameCube game on your android device, you need some kind of software such as an emulator. With the help of the GameCube Emulator, you can run the ISO files on an android device without any issues.
GameCube Emulator for Android
GameCube Emulator for Android
There are numerous GameCube emulators available for playing games like Pokemon, Legend of Zelda, Metroid and etc. Some of the GameCube emulators are Dolphin GameCube Emulator, Drastic DS Emulator, ClassicBoy, WhineCube Emulator, Dolwin Emulator, GCEMU, Super Gcube, Mega N64 and more. Among all the emulator, Dolphin emulator is the one and only GameCube emulator which runs smoothly on android platform. And dolphin emulator is also available for Windows, Linux, and Mac. In this post, we will explain in detail about the dolphin emulator. Then You Can Also Try how to clear the Android system cache.

Dolphin GameCube Emulator for Android:

Dolphin emulator is an open-source emulator for the GameCube and Wii games, which can be installed on almost all kinds of operating system such as Android, Windows, Linux, Mac, and iOS. It gives you high performance in the HD gaming experience.

Features of Dolphin emulator

Easy to download:
  • Dolphin is now capable of running a wide range of Android devices. You can easily download a dolphin emulator from Google Play Store or directly from its official website.
Intuitive Interface:
  • This emulator has a very simple and user-friendly interface. So you don’t need to go through a guide or tutorial to play games on this emulator; it is easily understandable.
Support for OpenGL ES 3.0:
  • Dolphin emulator supports OpenGL ES 3.0, which means if you have installed this emulator on a GLES3 supported Android device, you can enjoy games at a faster speed.
Support ISO files:
  • The dolphin emulator supports ISO files. It also supports a wide range of game file extensions like GCZ, CISO, and WBFS. Before downloading the game on an emulator, make sure the dolphin is compatible with the file you want to download.
64-Bit Architecture:
  • To increase the compatibility and enhance development, the developers of the dolphin emulator introduced 64 bit AArch64 architecture for the latest android devices.
Robust Configuration panel:
  • It has a strong configuration panel with CPU core selection, emulator options overlapping and many more features.
Play games in HD :
  • You can play your favorite game in HD quality at a 1080p resolution. It also allows you to modify or lower your graphics level to get the desired frame rate in your game.
Advanced GUI:
  • It has a unique graphical user interface (GUI) for android devices as compared to Windows and Mac. Also, Android TV and Android Mobile have their own unique GUI, as both devices have different screen real estate.
Change speed limit:
  • You can change the speed limit to a maximum of its preset value and leave all other settings untouched. To save changes made in the settings, click the floppy disk icon at the top right of your screen and save those changes in the emulator’s INI files.
Support for External controller: 
  • Dolphin emulator supports any third party controller, though the game can be easily played using a fully customizable touch screen. Moreover, it also supports native GameCube controllers and real Wii remotes. 

How to download and install Dolphin Emulator on Android mobile?:

Downloading and installing Dolphin Emulator on Android mobile is a very simple task as you download other applications. Simply follow the given instructions to download the emulator on your Android without any hassle.
Dolphin Emulator on Android mobile
Dolphin Emulator on Android mobile
  1. Open the play store on your Android phone and search for the Dolphin Emulator app in the search box of the play store. The Dolphin Emulator and the related applications will be displayed on the screen. You need to choose the appropriate app from the list.
  2. Just click the Dolphin Emulator app and then click the install button. Now the Dolphin Emulator will be downloaded and directly installed on your Android mobile.
  3. Now open the emulator and click ‘Yes’ to enable usage statistics reporting agreement. That’s it. You have the dolphin emulator on your android device.

How to set up the game on the dolphin emulator?

When you open the dolphin emulator for the first time, you will notice that there is nothing in the library. You need to add your favorite games on the emulator from GameCube and Wii.
How to set up the game on the dolphin emulator
How to set up the game on the dolphin emulator
  • First, you need to download the ISO file of the game you want to play on your android. You can get the file by simply searching it on Google.
  • Google can bring lots of resources from where you can easily and quickly download GameCube game titles. There are many websites like ROMsMania, ROMsMode, Portal ROM and etc. available from where you can download.ISO file for the GameCube game you want to play.
  • The ISO file you downloaded will be in a Zip or RAR format. You have to extract it with the help of WinRAR or other such applications.
  • After completing the extraction process, you have the ISO file of the game ready for launch. Now you need to add the game on Dolphin emulator.
  • To add the game on an emulator, open the Dolphin emulator and click the ‘+’ icon at the bottom right corner of the screen.
  • Locate the folder where the GameCube.ISO file is downloaded and extracted by using the navigation screen. Once you locate it, click the ‘Select this Directory’ button at the bottom.
  • Now you can see the newly added GameCube game on the main screen of the dolphin emulator. Launch the game by tapping on it. You will see a virtual gamepad; you can use it or connect a controller to play the game. As already said, the dolphin allows you to reconfigure the button.

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