BBM for PC Windows (10/8/7) Latest Version

BBM (BlackBerry messenger) for PC is an application that is not only designed to work with Blackberry devices but it also works on Android, iOS, and windows as well. If you sent messages or pictures incorrectly or to the wrong person, BBM allows you to retrieve the messages or pictures you have sent before the recipient reads those messages. In this app, you can also set a timer so that a picture or text messages would be visible for that time and after that, it will disappear.
BBM for PC Windows
BBM for PC Windows
Blackberry Messenger has a special feature called BBM PIN. BBM for PC offers its users unique PINs instead of usernames to improve your privacy. With this feature, a user cannot guess the usernames of others. You need to have the previous contact with the user to add them as a contact. You can add up to 30 users to a group chat on BBM. You can continue to send your location for a certain time so that other users can see where you are. In this post, we will provide instructions about how to download and install BBM on your PC. Before going further into the process of downloading and installing BBM for PC, let’s know about the features of BlackBerry Messenger for PC.

Features of BBM for PC:

The user interface of BlackBerry messenger is very simple and stylish. You will not face any difficulties in knowing the process of sending messages to your friends at BBM.
  • BBM for PC allows you to send unlimited messages to your friends regardless of the platform. This means you can send messages to any kind platform such as Android, iOS, Mac and etc from the BBM for PC.
  • It is a fast running application that always runs, except when your internet connection is not working and it sends your message to the recipient immediately after you send it.
  • The main feature of this application is you can even retract the messages and pictures you have sent before the recipient reads that messages.
  • In addition to instant messaging, BBM also allows you to share images, videos and other files such as contacts to your friends instantly. It also allows you to make a voice call and video chat with your contacts.
features of BBM
  • BBM for PC also has a great feature, which allows you to switch from a text conversation to a voice chat effortlessly.
  • Group chatting facility is also available in the Blackberry messenger. You can group chat with up to 250 people at the same time.
  • This app constantly being updated to meet all users’ requirements.
  • Blackberry messenger allows you to set a GIF image as your profile picture.

How to download and install BBM for PC:

BBM is only for smartphones, there is no official application for PC. So, you cannot simply install the blackberry messenger on your PC. You will need to download an android emulator such as Bluestacks. If you try bluestacks then you will surely get all the features of BBM on your PC. Follow the below steps properly to download and install BBM for PC using Bluestacks. Then You Can Also Check Kik For PC Windows
How To Download BBM For PC
How To Download BBM For PC
Step 1: Get Bluestacks:
  • Go to in your web browser. This will open the bluestacks official website from which you can download the bluestacks app player. There is a download button available in the middle of the page click on it. The bluestacks extension file will download onto your PC.
Step 2: Install Bluestacks:
  • Double click on the extension file of bluestacks which you downloaded to begin the installation process. Follow the on-screen instructions and click on the ‘Install now’ option when prompted. Wait for a few minutes to complete the installation process.
Step 3: Open Bluestacks:
  • Bluestacks will automatically open after completing the installation. If it does not automatically open, go to the Start menu on your PC and type bluestacks. Then click bluestacks at the top of the Start window. Now the home screen of bluestacks will open.
Step 4: Go to the google play store:
  • Now click on the My Apps tap which is appeared at the top left side of the Bluestacks window. Tap on system app and then click on Google play store. It will ask you to sign with your Google account. Enter your Google account details. Doing so, you can access android apps easily on your PC.
Step 5: Search for Blackberry messenger:
  • Click the search bar at the top of the Bluestacks window. Type Blackberry messenger on the search bar. It will prompt a drop-down menu of options. Click on the official application BBM, it should be the first option in the drop-down menu. This will open the BBM app page.
Step 6: Install the Blackberry messenger:
  • Click the Install button at the right side of bluestacks page. The installation of BBM will begin and click on the accept button when prompted. After the successful installation of BBM, open the BBM by simply clicking on its icon in the Bluestacks main interface.
BBM For Pc
BBM For Pc
Step 7: Create an account on BBM:
  • Your profile name, email address and password are required to open the account. Verify your BBM account by confirming email verification. It will sync all of your contacts to the BBM app. You will receive a unique pin code to chat with your friends. Share the pin with your friends to start the conversation.

Final words:

This was the whole process of downloading and installing BlackBerry Messenger for PC. I hope, this post was helpful to you for downloading BBM on your PC. I advise you to do not share your BBM PIN publicly on the social network because you will receive many requests from unknown and spammy people around the world.

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