Miracast for PC windows 7 or windows 8 [Guide]

Any display or application is easier, more beautiful and more accurate to view on a larger screen than smaller ones. A device with a small screen such as a smartphone or computer can only watch one or more people at a time. At the same time, in large screen devices such as a TV or projector, we can sit together as a family or friends and watch a movie or something. It makes us so happy. It would be nice if we could watch a smartphone or computer on a TV. Miracast is the application for that. Miracast is the standard technology for a wireless connection that allows you to wirelessly and seamlessly connect your devices such as PC, tablets or smartphones to your TV and projector screens. Simply said, it is considered as HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) over Wi-Fi. Miracast is released in late 2012 as a cross-platform protocol by the Miracast Wi-Fi Alliance.
Miracast for windows 7
It allows the sharing of content between devices via Wi-Fi certified Wi-Fi direct technology without the need for Wi-Fi. Miracast is the built-in feature in the PC which has windows 8.1 or windows 10 operating system. But you can usea mircast on your PC which has windows 7 or windows 8 operating system also. Read more to use miracast on windows 7 or windows 8.

How to use miracast technology on windows 7 or 8?:

Before setting up, you should check your computer and see if it supports miracast technology. Do the following steps to check your computer.
  • Check your computer if it supports miracast technology
  • You can check your computer whether it supports miracast technology using DirectX Diagnostic tool.
  • Check Miracast support using the DirectX Diagnostic Tool.
Step 1: On your keyboard, press the Windows logo and R at the same time to start the Run box.
Step 2: In that, type dxdiag and click the OK button.
Step 3: DirectX diagnostic tool pops up. In that click, the ‘save all information’ button and save the information on your computer.
Step 4: Open the text that you just saved and find the miracast.
If Miracast is not supported, unfortunately, your computer does not support miracast. But you can stream your screen to your TVs via Google Chromecast, it is an alternative to miracast. If you see miracast is available, then you need to ensure that the drivers of your PC are up to date. If not, do the following steps. Then You Can Use lookout Security For PC.

Update your drivers:

You can automatically update your drivers with Driver Easy. Driver Easy will recognize your system and find the correct drivers for it. Follow the steps below:
Miracast for windows 7 or windows 8
Miracast for windows 7 or windows 8
Step 1: Download and install Driver Easy.
Step 2: Run the Driver Easy and click the ‘scan now’ button. Then Driver Easy will scan your computer and detect any problem drivers.
Step 3: Then click the update button flagged devices to download the latest drivers. Then install the drivers on your computer.
Step 4: Restart your computer to take effect.
Now, you can start setting up miracast setting up miracast for windows 7.

How to use Miracast for Windows 7

There are two methods available to use miracast for windows 7. That is
  • Use Miracast with Intel WiDi
  • Use Miracast via miracast adapter

Method 1: Using Miracast with Intel WiDi

Intel WiDi (Wireless Display) is a technology that will allow the computer to send multimedia files such as music, movies, and photos, as well as various applications to a compatible TV.
Miracast for windows 7
Miracast for windows 7
Step 1: Download the extension file of Intel WiDi and save it to a folder of your choice on your PC
Step 2: Double click the extension file to launch the installation. After installation completes, reboot the computer.
Step 3: Open Intel WiDi software
Step 4: Search for your wireless display in the software and then connect to it.

Method 2: Using Miracast via miracast adapter

Step 1: In this method, you need to buy a miracast adapter or wireless display adapter.
Step 2: Then connect your Miracast adapter to the ports usually HDMI port or USB port on your TV or another monitor you want to cast to.
Step 3: Power up your TV or monitor
Step 4: On your Windows 7 computer.

Control Settings :

  • Go to Control Panel
  • In that Click Hardware and Sound
  • Then go to Add a device
  • Now, your computer should scan  for devices
  • Click the device you want to connect to your PC.

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