Download Flashify for PC/ Windows/ Mac

Flashify for PC is an application that helps you to flash your boot image, recovery image, and zip files. To use Flashify for PC, make sure that your device has been rooted because it works with rooted devices only.  There are various functions that can actually be done using flashy. These functions allow you to manage and manipulate information on your device more conveniently. This application can access multiple accounts on a device, photos, media files, and external and internal storage. Flashify for PC required full network access to proceed.
With the help of Flashify for PC, you can easily flash “boot.img” files. Just set the path of these files on your device and the app will flash it for you. You can also flash “recovery.img” files. These recovery image files are necessary to recover data on your device. It gives you a lot of options regarding zip files as well which you can use. This app allows you to wipe cache, data, and dalvik with TWRP installation. It also holds a track of flashing strategy to access quickly flash the same device again.

Download Flashify for PC/ Windows/ Mac:

Flashify for PC provides a backup or restore from or to SD card which is mounted on your device or you can use cloud storage like Dropbox and Google Drive to take backups and restore from the server. Once setting the backup option as the cloud storage, the device will automatically synchronize all the new data to the server whenever you connect the device to the internet. Backup your files to cloud storage are the best option because if your device runs into a problem and all files are deleted, they are still available on the cloud and you can download it. Flashify for PC also syncs your data from different devices. If you installed this application on more than one device, the data of this application will be synced across all the devices. all you need to do is log in to your online account for this app on every device and all your tasks will be done. Then you can use Clash Royale For PC.

Features of Flashify for PC:

  • In Flashify for PC, you can flash boot and recovery .img without even needing to go to recovery.
  • You can flash zip files also. It has the option to wipe cache, Dalvik, and data when using TWRP or philz recovery.
  • Flashify for PC helps you to download and flash CWM, Philz, TWRP, Gapps, Franco Kernel, Stock Nexus Kernel, and Stock Nexus Recovery.
  • It gives an automatic Loki patch when needed.
  • You can backup or restore kernel and recovery using an SD card or cloud (Dropbox, Box or Google Drive).
  • Automatic cloud synchronization of backups between devices and desktop.
  • Flashify for PC lets you keep track of recently flashed items.
  • You can flash multiple files and build your flash queue.
  • It allows you to flash from anywhere. You can also flash from your favorite file explorer or email app.

How to download Flashify app for PC:

Step 1: The first thing you need is to download and install bluestacks. Bluestacks is an android emulator. It allows an application that runs exclusively on an android device to run on your PCs whether your using windows or mac.
Step 2: You can download bluestacks from the official site or by using the download links. Once you download the bluestacks, you need to follow the instruction which is displayed on your screen to run the application. After that, you will see a PC version of android mobile.
Step 3: In bluestacks, you have to log in with your Google account. It is necessary if you won’t give, the app will not work furthermore.
Step 4: After login, look for the play store app and click the icon. And search for flashify app in the search bar which is appearing at the top of the screen. Then pick the appropriate app from the list and click the install button.
Step 5: Wait until the installation is complete. Once it does get done, go to the home tab and find the newly installed Flashify icon and launch it. It usually appears in my apps section.
Flashify for PC
Flashify for PC
Step 6: Follow the basic set-up instructions. Now you can use the Flashify app on your PC.

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