Car Gauge Pro For PC (OBD2 + Enhance) Download

Car Gauge Pro (OBD2 + Enhance) is one of the most powerful and comprehensive scan tool apps for android smartphones and tablets. This application will communicate with the vehicle computer at the OBD2 diagnostic connector. OBD means On-board Diagnostics and OBD2 is the updated version of OBD1 in both capability and standardization. The OBD2 standard diagnostic connector and its pinout specify the electrical signal protocols and message format. It also provides a candidate list of vehicle parameters to track how to encrypt data for each. There is a pin in the connector that provides power for the scan tool from the vehicle battery, which eliminates the need to connect a scan tool to a power source separately.
Car Gauge Pro For PC
Car Gauge Pro For PC
Car gauge pro lets you know whether the check engine light is on. And also helps you check the performance of the sensors. You can make a modified dashboard with the gadgets in the application. The app uses GPS to allow a tracker with an OBD motor record to identify what your vehicle was doing at any given time. You can check current faults, check pending fault and clear faults with this app. This application is specialized for Ford and Nissan and fully equipped with advanced data and active testing just like a factory scan tool. Then you can use Alfred Security Camera For PC.

Features of Car gauge pro for PC:

  • Car gauge pro is one of the impressive communication applications.
  • It has the comprehensive OBD2 generic package data.
  • You can get enhanced diagnostic data for vehicles.
  • A car gauge pro is considered the most powerful scan tool.
  • This app lets you know about your check engine lights.
  • And also lets you check the functionality of the sensor.
  • It peruses the temperature of the transmission.
  • This app has HUD mode for night mode driving.
  • Car gauge pro has the GPS speedometer and compass progressively.
  • It has the CO2 outflow markers.
  • Voice alerts.
  • Vehicle dock upkeep.
  • Turbo help with a vehicle that helps MAP and MAF.
  • This app permits to share application screen capture on Facebook, twitter email and so on
  • Takes a shot at different vehicles (probably all vehicles manufactured after 2000) that use OBD2 Bluetooth connectors.
  • A straight forward interface for developers for AIDL API for outsider apps.
  • Accessible to send logging data legitimately to the web or email for examination.

How to download Car gauge pro for PC:

Car gauge pro is officially available for the android smartphone. But you can use it on your PC with the help of an android emulator. Android emulator is an app that imitates an Android phone on your PC.  Below is a step by step guide to download and install Car gauge pro for PC.
Download Bluestacks For PC

Step 1:
Get started on downloading the extension file of Bluestacks Emulator on your PC.
Step 2: Once the downloading process is completed click on the file to start out with the installation process.
Step 3: After completing the installation process starts the Bluestacks emulator either from the windows start menu or from the desktop shortcut.
Step 4: Since this the first time you installed Bluestacks Emulator, you must set up your Google Account with Bluestacks.
Step 5: After signing in to your Google account and go to Google Play Store. And search for Car gauge pro on the search bar.
Step 6: Select appropriate results to download and install the Car gauge pro app. After completing the installation process go to my apps and click the Car gauge pro icon to use it.
Step 7: You can also download the APK file of Car gauge pro and run it on Bluestacks emulator rather than searching it on Google Play Store.

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