BlueMail for PC (Windows 7/8/10) & Mac

Blue Mail is a free cross-platform email client that works with leading webmail accounts like Gmail and Yahoo. Blue Mail is famous for its ability to manage an unlimited number of email accounts from all providers. You can share emails publicly or privately through various social networks and messaging apps, receive emails from people who want to instantly engage with you while keeping your email address private. Blue mail organizes similar emails together to remove clutter from your inbox. You can view all your email accounts folders through a combined interface for your inbox, sent drafts, etc. It has the advanced spam mechanisms including the ability for users to directly block senders, block domains or block an entire suffix.
BlueMail for PC
You can set reminders and marks emails for later, so you do not miss them. When you finish dealing with the email, mark it as done that you will able to get it out of your way. You can safely sync your email accounts to your existing and new devices. Then You Can use Kinemaster for pc.

Features of Blue Mail for PC:

  • You can sync multiple inboxes from all your providers in a unified interface.
  • This allows for smart push notification while enabling personalization across multiple email accounts.
  • Blue Mail has an integrated calendar, it allows you to access the calendar events right within Blue Mail. So, you can view, create and edit your feature events easily.
  • It defines and share groups to quickly send and receive emails.
  • Blue Mail provides security ever.

How to download Blue Mail for PC?:

There are two methods to download Blue mail on your PC. That is,
1.Download Blue Mail for PC using Android emulators
2.Download Blue Mail for PC by registering for Beta Test
You can use any one of these methods to download Bluemail for your PC.

Method 1: Download Blue Mail for PC using Android emulators:

An android emulator is a software program that enables one computer system to imitate the functions of the android system. I am going to show you two popular emulators and how to use them to install Blue Mail on your computer. However, you can use any of these emulators or other emulators. It is your choice to choose the right emulator depending on your PC.

Download Blue Mail for PC using bluestack emulator:

Step-1: First, download the bluestacks setup files to install the bluestacks emulator on your windows or mac.
Step-2: After the installation of bluestacks, run the emulator. It will open with the bluestacks home screen.
Step-3: Now you should log in with your proper Google account.
Step-4: After completing the login process, search Blue Mail in the search box which appears on the top right corner
Step-5: Now the app center will open and the Blue Mail app will show with popup windows as a search result.
Step-6: Click on the install button on the right to install the Blue Mail app.
BlueMail for PC
BlueMail for PC

Once you complete the installation process, the app icon will be visible on the home screen and start using the Blue Mail app in PC

Download Blue Mail for PC using MEmu android emulator:

Few users did not comfortable with bluestacks, because it runs advertisements which can annoy some people and slow down the app slightly and also it takes more RAM. For that, one of the alternatives is to use the MEmu android emulator. Here is the step to download Blue Mail for PC using the MEmu android emulator.
Step-1: First of all download the MEmu android emulator to download Blue Mail for PC.
Step-2: After completing step number one, you need to sign in your Google account in the Google play store.
Step-3: Next you have to download Blue Mail for PC by searching it in play store.
Step-4: Now you are all set to go. Now you can use Blue Mail on your PC.

Method 2: Download Blue Mail for PC by registering for Beta Test

Step 1: Search “Blue Mail for PC” in your browser.
Step 2: Go to the official website of blue mail, and click on the download button.
Step 3: Subscribe to the beta test.
Step 4: After signing up wait until they send you an email.
Step 5: By subscribing to the beta test you will get notified when the official version of Blue Mail released for PC.

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