TimeTune for PC Windows 7/8/10 & Mac

Time is more precious than money. Are you agreeing on this sentence?  Yes, we can earn our money back, but we cannot get back the time spent. From the time, we need to learn the routine, the continuity, and the commitment. There is a common saying that “Time and Tide wait for none”. Yes, it is right. Time runs continuously without any interruptions. We should understand the meaning of time and use it accordingly in a positive way to fulfill some purpose. For that, Time Tune is very helpful to you. Time Tune is an application for android, iOS or PC, helps you to optimize your time, boost your productivity, improving your daily routine, do everything in your schedule and save your time. You can use Time Tune as your routine manager, task reminder, student calendar, timetable planner, and habit creation tool or productivity enhancer. “Don’t be a slave of time, use the time to your advantage”, this slogan appears in the Time Tune App description of Google Play Store.
TimeTune for PC
TimeTune for PC 

It’s really impressed me and urged to download this App. So, I recommend you to use Time Tune app to achieve your ambition without any delay.

How to download Time Tune for PC?

If you wish to download and install Time Tune for PC you will need to use an android emulator such as Bluestacks or Nox Player. If you already have an android emulator on your PC, open it and search Time Tune in Google play store to download the app on your PC. If you do not have an emulator, do the following steps.
TimeTune for PC
TimeTune for PC

Download Time Tune for PC using bluestack emulator:

Step-1: First, download the bluestacks setup files to install the bluestacks emulator on your windows or mac
Step-2: After the installation of bluestacks, run the emulator. It will open with the bluestacks home screen
Step-3: Now you should log in with your proper Google account.
Step-4: After completing the login process, search Time Tune in the search box which appears on the top right corner
Step-5: Now app center will open and Time Tune app will show with popup windows as a search result
Step-6: click on the install button on the right to install the Time Tune app.
Step-7: Once you complete the installation process, the app icon will be visible on the home screen and start using Time Tune app on PC.

Download Time Tune for PC using Nox player:

Some people hesitate to use bluestacks because it eats more RAM. Also, it runs advertisements that can annoy some people and slow down the app slightly. For that, one of the alternatives is to use Nox Player. It is also an android emulator. Then you can also use just proxy VPN for pc. Here is the step to download Time Tune for PC using Nox Player.
Step-1: First of all download Nox player to download Time Tune for PC.
Step-2: Once you download the Nox player, you need to sign in your Google account in the Google play store.
Step-3: Next you have to download Time Tune for PC by searching it in play store.
Step-4: Results will be displayed on the screen. Find the appropriate Time Tune app and download it.
Step-5: Now you are all set to go. After the app is installed on your PC, you can connect your camera to the Time Tune app.

Features of Time Tune for PC:

TimeTune for PC
TimeTune for PC


  • This app is based on time management practices and suitable for everyone who values their time.
  • Practices can be weakly (most common case), have daily or even odd days (for businesses with unusual changes) and add great flexibility to your schedule.
  • Routines work like a calendar, but you don’t need to enter calendar dates, it just repeats automatically.
  • You can create attractive custom tags to quickly identify the activities in your schedule at a glance
  • Full customization for each notification independently like vibration, sound, personal message, pop-up window, and even voice.
  • Routine statistics to analyze your distribution of time, so you can detect time leaks, increase your productivity and do everything in your schedule.
  • You can create reminders, timers, and events to schedule activities that don’t fit in a routine.
  • A widget with a completely customizable look, so you can explore your table the way you want.
  • This is more convenient than a calendar or regular tasks agenda, as it won’t clutter your calendar schedule.

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