How To Install gDMSS Lite for PC (Windows 7/8/10)

A lot of people these days are focusing on the safety of their homes. For that reason, many people installed surveillance cameras in their homes. An application is required to check the status of all cameras and live streaming on their devices. gDMSS Lite is developed for that purpose only. gDMSS Lite is a free application for remote video surveillance so you can see what your security cameras are seeing in real-time. It allows users to manage the video and audio from their IP cameras. gDMSS Lite is compatible with all CCTV cameras available in the market. The app allows you to monitor your webcams from any device such as smartphones, laptops, tablet or PC. gDMSS Lite for PC is a very user-friendly app and does not require much expertise to operate.
gDMSS Lite for PC
gDMSS Lite for PC
It has an intuitive user interface and a good layout and design Cloud servers allow you to backup as many videos as you want. So if your network driver fails or is rooted, you can access the logs from gDMSS for the PC cloud. Remember that you must stay connected to the internet at all times to use this remote monitoring app.

How To Install gDMSS Lite for PC :

You must add your devices to the app, before using the gDMSS lite to view footage of your security camera. The process of adding devices is very easy and can be completed in a short time. You have to initialize the device before adding it to the app. Before starting the initialization process, you must make sure that your device is connected to a LAN. gDMSS Lite for PC gives you the option to add three types of devices that is camera, door, and alarm for remote monitoring purposes. Then you can use the best VPN application Cm VPN for PC. The security and door cameras have a live preview feature, while the alarm hub is provided for the alarm. It provides you the opportunity to playback the video in addition to seeing the live preview. There are various options to enhance the way you view surveillance footage. You can take photos and record videos from the live preview. These videos and photos can be stored on your device and viewed at any time.

Steps to download and install gDMSS for PC:

Step 1: First you need to install the bluestacks application on your PC. Bluestacks is a specially developed application that helps to run the android applications on both Windows as well as MAC operating systems.
gDMSS Lite for PC
gDMSS Lite for PC

Step 2:
After completing the installation process, open the bluestacks app on your PC.
Step 3: Once the app is open, complete the initial set up procedure and sign in with Google Account. The setup procedure is similar to the android phone or tablet start-up procedure.
Step 4: You will find a search bar in the main or home screen of the bluestacks app. In the search bar type “gDMSS lite” and find the appropriate link in the result. And you can install them directly from the search bar.
Step 5: If the search bar refuses to show the gDMSS lite app, then you can always open up the play store and search for gDMSS lite to install it on your PC.
Step 6: if you already have APK file of gDMSS lite app, then double click the APK file and run it on bluestacks.
gDMSS Lite for PC
gDMSS Lite for PC

Step 7:
After completing the installation process, go to my apps in bluestacks and click the gDMSS App icon to use it. 

How to view cameras on your PC?:

gDMSS lite allows you to monitor your web cameras directly on your PC. Once you download the app, you need to add your cameras. Here are the steps to guide you to add a camera to your PC.
  1. Open the app and select the menu option which appears on the top left corner.
  2. In the menu option, select device manager
  3. If you have no device yet, click the + plus sign which appears in the top right corner
  4. Now you will be prompted to make sure the device is “initialized” before moving forward. It means that your webcam is installed, set up and working already.
  5. Then you have to select one of four options Wi-Fi device, wired device, cloud device or online search device.
  6. Add the information required such that name, serial number, port, username, password, etc
  7. That’s all. Now you can your web cameras directly on your PC.

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