App In PC Windows (7/8//10) And Mac is a fun and beautiful game that you ac play to improve your shooting and targeting skills. is developed by a cheetah game. This one of the best action games you will ever play. Its plot revolves around a ninja with a bow and arrow, who is attacked by enemies in all directions. As a player you will protect yourself with the help of a virtual control board. You need to kill all the enemies to win the level. You will definitely enjoy this game as it is used individually as avatars and pixel characters. The game is designed to make sure that players never get bored. So, the number of enemies and difficulty of the game increases consistently. App In PC App In PC
Also, enemies at higher levels have improved their tactics and skills, which means you have to be smart to beat them. If you will run out of gold, you can play offline to earn more gold coins. In offline mode, you compete with computer-generated characters. In the game, you would be given three random skills. The skills are forward shot, violence, all status up, spikes, shield, and followers. You can upgrade your weapons to make them more effective in killing all your enemies. These three categories to update your weapons such as modifier, bullet modifier, and status modifier. Then you can also check the best browser armor fly App. Read more to know the amazing feature of the game and how to download it on your PC.

Specification of game for PC:

Easy controls:
  • game is very easy to understand. You can control the character’s motion using the virtual level controller. Shoot your enemies with bow and arrows. You are free to use arrows as many as you want. Players are guided by a fantasy line, which helps them adjust their objectives. Booster and Hp count help you keep your life bar longer.
  • Graphics and animation game is an amazing feature. Each level has a different design, so you will be attracted to winning and playing more. You also have a large selection of pixel man players. And it’s sound quality also great .l.
Multiple levels:
  • You will compete at different levels. When playing, make sure you collect the blue gems scattered on the battlefield. You need to fill the bar of gem to go to the next level. Advanced levels have more distractions and severe obstacles.
  • You can fight with other real players online, gain rewards and unlock achievements. Multiplayer mode has a leader board, which is always located in the top right corner of your screen. It keeps changing depending on your play. You can fight with multiple enemies on the same server.
Offline mode:
  • game allows you to play offline. This means you will have a chance to get familiar with the game before you switch to online mode. In this mode, you can practice your skills by fighting with computer-generated characters and also earn gold coins. Once you complete your training, you can go into battle with other players.
  • Your character is going to have many abilities and power-ups, which is very exciting to get used to. The more you play the game, the more you can get power-ups. Some of the power-ups and skills you can have are spikes, forward shot, shield, and extra.

How to download game for PC:

To download on PC, you must have to download an android emulator. An android emulator is a software program that enables one computer system to imitate the functions of the android system. Bluestacks is a most popular android emulator that enables android applications to run on PC.
Follow the below steps to download the game for PC:
Bluestacks for PC
Bluestacks for PC

First download bluestacks .exe installation file by searching it on your browser or directly go to the official website.

  1. After downloading bluestacks, you should link your google account to the bluestacks.
  2. And then go to the search box and search and result will be displayed on the screen
  3. Then click the icon and allow it to install on your PC. App In PC App In PC
  • Once the installation completes, click the icon in my apps tap and enjoy playing on your PC.

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