Anonytun For PC Windows 7/8/10 & Mac free download

Using the internet now is like giving the address to the thief and worrying about what is gonna happen. We all aware of the fact that there are a lot and a lot of insecurities while using online. And we always worry about keeping the stuff online. So here we are coming with the solution to all of these problems which are Anonytun for PC which provides the security for the things that we have online. AnonyTun is the regulator of Virtual Private Networks dedicated to free movement on the net. A virtual private network (VPN) is programming that creates a safe, encrypted connection over a less secure network, such as the public internet. A VPN uses tunneling protocols to encrypt data at the sending end and decrypt it at the receiving end. To provide additional security, the originating and receiving network addresses are also encrypted. The creators of this smart and convenient app are a dominating force in VPN applications. They are a company called Art of Tunnel and you should definitely try their application tool.

What Is AnonyTun App and How does it work?

AnonyTun uses its own server addresses instead of yours when you use this app. This keeps you from being detected by the website restricting you. The tunneling keeps your address anonymous. Here are the types of tunneling modes.
Anonytun For PC
Anonytun For PC
  • Http Tunnel
  • TCP Tunnel
  • SSL Tunnel

You always feel like the usually restricting network gives you a pass into their domains. The AnonyTun works amazing for gaining you unlimited access to the restricted sites you wish to surf. This is an important feature that AnonyTun handles really well this affords you the luxury to roam freely and undetected even in government blocked sites with just a simple app. Anonytun for PC works well for both the user who is just looking to access the websites that they like freely and also for those who are more experienced and are looking for a platform to sharpen their skills at the convenience of their own phone. 

You get to test your IT skills on the Stealth Mode. By changing the proxy, port, protocol and other connection settings that help you helps you to fly under the radar. Alternating between the tunnel modes at your own choice. This freedom extends to the cost of this app. It is just as freely available to download on the App Store for iOS, on the Google Play for Android and for PC using BlueStacks emulator.

How To Download Bluestack Emulator:

Now we gonna focus on how to download the Anonytun for PC using the Bluestack emulator. If we don’t know about the emulator don’t worry we are here always to make you know about technical stuff. The emulator is the app that helps you in getting apps onto your PC that you have on Android phones. Then you can also use the action director for pc  Here we provide the steps with the best emulator that we have on the market that is Bluestack emulator.

Bluestack Emulator:

  • Open any web browser (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc).
  • Type in the Address bar Bluestacks and then press the “Enter” key on the keyboard.
  • Click on the Download BlueStacks button.
  • This will lead you to the download page, where it will start downloading.
  • Once the download begins, you may either save the .exe file in your download folder or specify a custom location for the downloaded file to be saved.
  • After the download is complete, please click on the BlueStacks installer .exe file.
  • You will have to click on the “Install now” button to start the installation.
  • The set up will start downloading/extracting the necessary files to be installed.
  • The installation may take up to 5 minutes based on how powerful your PC is and how much memory it has available.
  • Once the installation is finished now the Bluestacks emulator is ready to use.
You can download this app using the NOX player emulator app as well. It is also the recommended emulator for downloading the android app into our computer. The Nox player app works well for the games. If you are looking for the app to download the game apps the NOX player works really well for you. But other than game apps you can use Bluestack emulator app because it is user-friendly and it doesn’t take too much time to download.
Now we have an emulator so what are we waiting for let’s move to the steps of how to download the Anonytun app for PC.
  1. Type in the keyword Anonytun app in the search box of the Bluestack emulator.
  2. Once you find the Anonytun app icon click it and download the app.
  3. You may find the icon of the Anonytun app on PC which means that you are ready to use the app on your PC.
Anonytun For PC 


In this way, you can download the app onto your PC and enjoy its benefits. There are lots of emulators out there to finish this task but Bluestack stands out best among them. But you can download this app by using the emulator of your choice.

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