ActionDirector for PC – Download for Windows [7/8/10]

ActionDirector is an application that is used to record and edit the action video. You can import, edit and produce action videos and upload them instantly to your friends and followers with the help of this app. You can decide how you will appear by using options such as trim, add titles, effects, and transitions, and switch between viewing modes to get accurate visualizations.  ActionDirector for PC makes a dynamic conventional video using visuals and a flat 2D projection. ActionDirector is not only the fastest and easiest video editor, but also you can start making immersive 360-degree movies. Now you can get new creative video filters that let you apply artistic looks to your footage.
ActionDirector for PC
ActionDirector for PC

How to download ActionDirector for PC

ActionDirector is officially available for the android smartphone. But you can use it on your PC with the help of an android emulator. Android emulator is an app that imitates an Android phone on your PC.  You can use other applications Like GROWLr for PC. Below is a step by step guide to download and install ActionDirector for PC. 
Step 1: First download Bluestacks installation file by searching it on your browser or directly go to the official website and it is available for free.
Step 2: start the installation of bluestacks by clicking on the installer file you downloaded
Step 3: when the bluestacks is ready to use, open it and complete the signup process and login with your Google account
Step 4: start the google play store app and use its search tool to search ActionDirector app.
Step 5: find ActionDirector and start the installation process
Step 6: Launch the app and now you can use ActionDirector for PC.

Specification of ActionDirector for PC

Features of ActionDirector for PC lets you know how amazing this app is. Let see the features ActionDirector one by one.
All in One:
  • You can find all the features you want to use in the video editor, are here at your fingertips, rather than exploring layer by layer on the menu option. ActionDirector makes all the features you want in an intuitive interface.
Clean and Clever Workspace:
  • ActionDirector works hard to keep things simple with an attractively simple design. All modules have refined controls designed to guide users through the active display package.
Format Conversion:
  • ActionDirector does not have proprietary formats, so there is no wait. You can simply import any form of footage captured from your action camera.
Instant Action Movies:
  • ActionDirector’s powerful theme-based movie maker helps to turn folders of action footage into features filled action clips.
Video Editing Toolkit:
  • ActionDirector gives you many video editing tools including zoom and pan effects, motion tracking, stop motion video, slow motion, video stabilization, fish-eye correction, freeze-frame video, and color correction.
  • You can plug in any audio track to complete your action video story. Simple tools allow you to blur it, balance it out and design it to complete your movie.
Share on social media:
  • You can directly share your action movies to YouTube, Vimeo, and other online platforms as soon as you produce them.
Drag and drop:
  • You can simply use drag and drop option to reordering and rearranging of the clips. It enables you to see the added video effects or changes and watch the entire movie sequence at the same time.
One-click corrections:
  • You can take care of common action video issues by just clicking one button. ActionDirector retained all the detail and crystal clear resolution that an action camera captures when footage is edited, it is even better when the finished picture comes out on the other side.
Slow-motion action:
  • None another video editor can match ActionDirector’s high frame rate. You can not only import and edit video is taken up to 240fps but also you can apply color and lens correction to high FPS footage without losing any of the frames or quality when you export at the same frame rate.
Noise-free video and audio:
  • The ActionDirector helps you to immediately free from high noise without destroying the video details. It can do this from your audio to background noise, clean it up properly and improve the end result efficiently.
True to life color:
  • ActionDirector is a go pro video editor that gives life to pictures with powerful one-click upgrades. This gives the video a clear look and rick colors while not affecting skin tones.

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