How To Download SmartNews App For Windows 8/10 PC

There are a lot of things happening around the world and it is vital to know about them because being in an updated world it’s our duty to know what is happening outside. There are lots and lots of sources that provide you with tons and tons of news but the Smart news really gonna provide you with the categorized news and it gets you to the perfect world outside. It is one of the perfect apps for the one who loves to be updated on world news. This app provides you with the latest news and most importantly with the category you love the most.
SmartNews App For
SmartNews App For

Why you need to install the app on PC:

Though this app is designed especially for android devices. Reading the news in Smart Phone is a tiring process and it reduces your interest in reading a little bit. So we get you through the steps of how to download this app for PC and you can enjoy reading news on the big screen.

How to use the SmartNews app?

SmartNews for PC has a lot of channels with best sources and if you have any suggestion of your favorite channel you can search through the smart news app and add it to your lists and it will automatically be included in the feed. In this way, you can install this app on your PC and it is highly beneficial as it has a lot of pros. This is the perfect app to pass time and that too usefully. The captivating option we have is that you can add any channel you want and enjoy it.
SmartNews App

How To Download SmartNews for PC:

Downloading the app is easy to step now as we have an emulator. Type in the keyword Smart news in the search box of the Bluestack emulator. Now you can able to find the app click on the app and download it. The app will be automatically downloaded and installed on your PC. Now go to Bluestack’s main screen and go to “my apps”. There you can find the smart news app icon click on it and you can able to use the app on PC. This way you can install any apps into your computer by using the bluestack emulator.
SmartNews App For PC
SmartNews App For PC
  1. Open the Bluestacks app.
  2. Sign in your Google Play Account.
  3. Click on the icon to install and configure.
  4. After you finished installing Bluestacks you need to launch the emulator.
SmartNews App For
SmartNews App For
  • Now to use the Smart news app you need to log in
  • To the app by using the Gmail account or Google play store.


This is the powerful emulator that we had nowadays that is the perfect option to view anything and everything that you see in your smartphone to the computer. We have another best emulator as well which is Nox Emulator that works well for playing games. Though both of the emulators work well for PC we highly recommend the Bluestack emulator as it is really easy to use and installing the app is not the heavy task.

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